About Us

 As a carpet dyeing professional, I found the market lacking for a carpet dyeing tool that would allow me to efficiently and effectively apply dyes as FAST as possible. 

So I carefully designed a machine that would allow me to apply dyes at the ideal pressure and temperature, and after much testing and many prototypes, the DyeBold™ Carpet Dyeing Machine came to be.

Initially created for my our own use, it did not take long for word to get out to other carpet dyer professionals about this innovative machine, and the request to purchase their own DyeBold™ began to pile up.

And so the DyeBold™  immediately became known by the top carpet dyers in the initially in the US  and then abroad.  


Issa Hoker

Master Colorist

Before the DyeBold™ , large carpet dyeing jobs could take days, with risk of fading dyes due to lack of sufficient heat.

After the DyeBold™ ,  large jobs can be done at a fraction of the time, while ensuring sufficient heat for best dye strikeability.

We are proud to bring this powerful tool to the hand of many carpet dyers around the world, so they too can achieve exceptional results fast!


The DyeBold™ Carpet Dyeing Machine produced by Mytee Products, an industry leader and manufacturer.

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