Manual of Operations

Thank you for your purchase of the DyeBold Machine.

Before using please read the instructions.


*Always store your equipment in controlled temperature environment to prevent extreme temperature damage to the equipment.

**Never turn on the heaters until you have run cold solution through the pump for 10 seconds

I. Specifications

II. Instructions

III. Additional Parts (Spray Gun/Tip)

IV. Conversion Formulas

V. Additional Info


I. DyeBold™ Machine Specifications

Dimension: 21’’ x 12’’ x 27’’

Machine Weight: 70lbs .Total Shipping Weight 92lbs (includes 2 electrical cords, and box packaging)

Built Prime Valve

Capacity: 9 gallon capacity machine (allows for 2 dye batches)

Pump: Adjustable 100-370 PSI

Heater: 2 Independently Activated 2000W In-Line Heaters

2 Cords: 1 cord supports pump and 2000W heaters. The second cord supports additional 2000W heaters

Dump valve for easier solution disposal

Additional features: PSI Gauge, Built In Faucet Fill Hose, and Locking Casters

Optional Upgrade - International Model: 220v/240v (additional $100)

*Manufactured in USA by Mytee Products

Box Content: DyeBold™ Machine and 2 power cords.


II. Instructions - Read Before Operating

Additional items needed: Solution hose, solution hose insulator for full room dyeing to (or purchase insulated hose), Gunjet and Tip.

*Prior to turning on heaters, make sure to run cold solution through the machine for about 10 seconds, in order to prevent vapor lock and motor damage.

Connect solution hose and spray gun with chosen tip. Make sure to insulate solution hose to prevent carpet burns if using the machine for full room dyeing.

Fill tank with dye solution

Turn Pump switch on. Locate Prime Valve (see picture on left), and turn knob to the “PRIME” position which is in line with the metal body (as shown in the picture to the left). Keep the knob in the “PRIME” position for about 10 seconds. This will prime the pump in order to prevent Vapor Lock/Damage. After 10 seconds, turn the knob back to the “RUN” position, which is a quarter-turn clockwise.

Press the gun jet trigger for about 10 seconds.

Turn on heater/s (The first cord powers the pump and one 2000W heater. The second cord powers the second 2000W heater.) **If using both heaters, make sure to connect cords to different circuits to avoid overloading the breaker.

Wait about 5 to 8 minutes for the heaters to achieve full capacity.

Adjust psi with knob to fit your application needs. Test in small area.

When finished using, make sure to clean tank with clean water. Mytee also recommends using the 3601 System Maintainer to keep the machine running optimally.



Mix 1-quart 3601 System Maintainer with 1-quart of warm water.

After thoroughly mixing, pour this solution into the solution tank.

Turn the pump on FIRST, and run solution through your cleaning tool.

Next, turn on the heater. If the heater is turned on first, it will result in a vapor lock, which will affect the machine’s operation.

Next, with both the pump and heater on, begin running the solution through the machine. This allows the solution to break down any build up in the lines.

After running all of the solution through the machine, fill the tank with clean, warm water. Run the water through the machine to clear the solution completely out of the tank & lines.


III. Additional Parts Not Included (purchased from

Spray Wand specs: 18" GunJet Spray Gun (AA30L-22425-18)

Teejet Spray Tip: TG3

Solution Hose Insulation:


IV. Conversion Formulas

Hot Pot 32oz to 4.5 Gallon Conversion Formula

Make formula for 32 oz and record number of drops of each color

Blue Drops:

Red Drops:

Yellow Drops:

Brown Drops:

Black Drops:

Multiply number of drops of each color by 18. (32 oz x 18 = 4.5 gallons) and add it to 4.5 gallons of water

Add 1 oz of PH Reducer/Striking Agent to the 4.5 Gallon solution batch.

The DyeBold™ Machine accommodates approximately 9 gallons (2 batches).

Test in small area to make sure the color of the converted batch is consistent to what the small batch shows. If different, check your numbers.


V. Additional Info

Full Room Dyeing Carpet Testing

Check for dyeability- Pull (if tuften)/Trim (if woven) one fiber from corner. Drop it into hot dye solution. Make sure the solution has PH reducer/Striking Agent and dyes. Take out fiber with tweezers or similar tool, shake it off a couple of times, and rinse it under water. If dye completely comes off, the carpet is not dyeable. If the fiber is partially dyed, it could mean there is carpet protector, or that the fiber is nylon/wool mixed with an undyeable fiber.

If the Fiber is Dyeable:

Check the carpet for ph level- Wet small area, and use ph strip to check ph of carpet. The ideal ph for a carpet is a neutral of 7.0. The further up the ph is from the neutral 7.0 level, the more the carpet’s ph will need to be lowered to allow for ideal carpet dyeing.

Check carpet for soapy residue. Pour water onto the carpet and agitate with fibers. If carpet is soapy, determine how soapy it is, and factor this into pricing to prep fiber for dyeing.

If there is Soapy Residue:

With client’s permission, clean a small section and dye it. Document results. *If the carpet is woven and soapy, it can be extremely difficult to completely extract all of soapy residue, so test carpet by cleaning a small area, and dye it.

Price job accordingly.